Thursday, 17 March 2011

Do not travel without one

'So it's sort of a very late Christmas present,' said Norma.

'It's wonderful!' replied Captain Bill.

'Well I didn't think we could ask you to go sailing in the Pickled Heifer without a new knitted compass.'

'It's a vital piece of every Captains kit,' replied Captain Bill.

'And I've put on 3 Not Norths,' said Norma, 'and I've left off all the other directions.'

'Never really needed them,' said Captain Bill.

'But I do agree with Bertha that as we're doing this for Geraldine it should be up to her to decide which way we're going.'

'Fine,' said Captain Bill, 'although we could start off by going a bit Not North just to help her get her bearings.'

'Unless she already has her bearings,' said Norma.

'Only be for a day or two,' replied Captain Bill, 'a week at the most...probably have got there by then anyway.'

And Norma sighed.

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