Tuesday, 1 March 2011

An Eye for an I

'Just there!' mooed Captain Bill. 'What's that? Is it a word?'

'Well I can't see with you in the way,' replied Norma.

'It is!' said Captain Bill. 'Now what is it?'

'Why don't you just take the card out?' asked Norma. 'Then you can read what it says.'

'I think it starts with an I,' said Captain Bill, 'and it's quite long.'



'Well it's a long word beginning with I,' replied Norma.

'You're suggesting it's a Valentine with the word imbecile on the front of it?'

'Only trying to help,' said Norma.

'Anyway it's not that long.'



'It's a shorter word beginning with I,' said Norma.

'Thank you!' said Captain Bill. 'Very helpful, very helpful indeed.'


Armenoi said...

Oh, I love it. Way to go, Norma.

Ruth Lull said...

Hahahaha Interminably slow reading pace Capt. Bill. Maybe you should call in Annie for your tutor.