Sunday, 20 March 2011

How to give directions

Geraldine waved her flag in the air, pointed at a picture of a strawberry trifle and turned around twice.

Norma looked from Geraldine to Annie.

Annie thought hard.

'I think she wants us to go left,' she said.

'Shouldn't be a problem,' replied Norma, '......hopefully.'

Then Geraldine put down her flag and did a short dance.

Norma looked at Annie again.

Annie thought hard....again.

'I think she wants us to have a dance.'

So Norma, Annie and Geraldine had a dance.

'I enjoyed that,' said Norma.

Annie nodded in agreement.

'Anyone for a triple decked sandwich?' called out Cyril.

And everybody was.

'Right,' said Norma, as she nibbled a last corner of crust, 'I'd better go and break the news to his Captaininess.'

So Norma herded off and Annie and Geraldine had another dance.

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