Thursday, 24 March 2011

In Celebration of Penguins

Dear Geraldine

A Penguin went a wandering
Oh, it was a pretty sight
She took a balloon
And sang a tune
Then hummed it through the night
She sang it to the moon and sea
And they were much impressed
She sang it to a crab or three
As they were getting dressed
She tapped it out each foot in turn
Till it became a dance
Performed it for some passing birds
Which left their lives enhanced
She whistled it as I recall
While sliding on her belly
A stunt made easier because
She was so full of jelly
This story's true I swear to you
The facts are clearly right
And Geraldine is proof because
She's here in black and white

Thank you



Armenoi said...

The sunshine and sea air have obviously given you a turn of the whimsical. Nice one, Horace!

baahar said...

Brilliant .. especially the stunt part :)