Thursday, 31 March 2011

Just when you think you know your penguin

'Penguin of the Year!' mooed Captain Bill.

'She's actually nominated for 4 awards,' replied Norma, 'but Penguin of the Year is the big one.'

'What others is she up for?' asked Bertha.

'Best Penguin in a Non Penguin Environment, Most Orange Feet and First Time Author,' replied Norma.

'Well, well done Geraldine,' said Bertha.

'And she does have very orange feet,' added Norma.

'I can't say I've ever really looked,' said Captain Bill.

'Men don't tend to notice those sorts of things,' replied Norma.

'We do!' exclaimed Captain Bill, 'and you've got a new there, noticed that!'

Norma and Bertha exchanged glances.

'And anyway,' continued Captain Bill, 'I think there's an even more interesting point that you seem to have missed.'

'Which is?' asked Bertha.

'If Geraldine is nominated as best First Time Author...what's she been writing about?'

And Norma and Bertha had to agree that that was a very good question indeed.

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