Thursday, 10 March 2011

Love is in the air

'So you sent it then?' said Norma.

'Mmm,' said Captain Bill, 'sort of.'

'Is there a problem then?'

'A piece of string's already fallen off,' replied Captain Bill, 'and I forgot to put a note in.....I'm not sure she'll know it's from me.'

'But it's a badly wrapped parcel full of rope maintenance pamphlets,' said Norma, 'I think she'll work it out.'

'Possibly,' agreed Captain Bill, 'although I'm still not convinced I should have sent anything at all.'

'Well there's no point in worrying about it now,' said Norma, 'so you'll be pleased to hear that I've brought you something that might be worth a worry.'

'Wonderful!' said Captain Bill, 'I was wondering how I was going to fill my time. So what is it?'

'Possibly best to come and have a look,' replied Norma.

So that's what they did....they went and had a look.

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