Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Moving in a clear direction

'But you can't just decide like that!' mooed Bertha.

'I'm Captain,' said Captain Bill.

'Errrrr?' said Horace.

'It's going to depend on Geraldine,' continued Bertha.

'I don't see why,' replied Captain Bill.

'Errrrr?' said Horace.

'Well what happens if she doesn't want to go Not North?' asked Bertha.

'We'd still get there,' replied Captain Bill confidently.

'But you don't know where 'there' is!' exclaimed Bertha.

'Well it'll be somewhere in a Not Northerly direction,' said Captain Bill.

'Errrrr?' said Horace.

'Oh, stop saying that!' said Bertha.

'OK!' replied Horace.

'Anyway,' continued Captain Bill, 'we need to get going. I'd like to get underway while the weather's forecast to stay fine.'

'Is it?' asked Bertha.

'Well the seaweed's dry,' said Captain Bill, 'and what better indication could you ask for than that?'

At which point Bertha gave up.

1 comment:

Armenoi said...

Why eschew 'Not North' after all these years. I am sure it will serve them well and Gerladine probably took that into account anyway. A good biased poem from Horace could influence the compass after all!