Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Mr Sir Cyril goes to the Library

'You're banned!' said Bertha.

Cyril looked hurt.

'I'm hurt,' he said.

'Take one step around this side of the desk and you will be,' warned Bertha.

'We're here for my benefit,' said Annie, 'Mr Sir Cyril of Nommingshire is merely present as a friend.'

'Hmm,' said Bertha, 'so what are you looking for?'

'I'm in search of works which will help to provide me with a greater understanding of the requirements of a person who is contemplating embarking on a career within the teaching establishment with particular reference to cultivating an all round holistic approach,' said Annie.

'I'm not sure I've got anything that specific,' replied Bertha.

'Then I'll have a green one about elves,' mooed Annie and she did a little dance.

'I'll have a look,' replied Bertha.

Cyril nudged Annie.

'Also,' said Annie, 'I, me, on my own, was wondering if you had any books about food?'

Cyril nudged Annie for a second time.

'With pictures,' added Annie.

'Forget it!' replied Bertha.

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Armenoi said...

This some what surprising duo could go a long way!