Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The old directions are the best

'I see we're going Not North again,' said Norma.

'Are we?' said Captain Bill.

'Mmm,' said Norma.

'Well hardly surprising,' said Captain Bill, 'it's a very popular direction.'

'So,' asked Norma, 'any ideas why?'

'Errr?' said Captain Bill, 'Geraldine changed her mind?'

'No,' replied Norma, 'Annie doesn't seem to think so.'

'But she could be wrong. As she said herself, tricky thing to understand the old penguin talk.'

'Possibly,' replied Norma, 'but my money's on an alternative explanation.'

'I know what you're thinking,' said Captain Bill.

'Really?' said Norma.

'Oh yes!' replied Captain Bill. 'You're thinking that the Pickled Heifer must have instinctively turned itself towards Not North.'

'And that's the best you can manage is it?' asked Norma.

'That's a rather sarcastic tone,' said Captain Bill, 'it does seem to be creeping into your speech of late. I believe I remarked upon it only a couple of weeks ago.'

Rather than answer him Norma just gave Captain Bill's chair a gentle push.

But it didn't move.

'Ha!' mooed Captain Bill. 'You'll note the wooden wedges? I don't think you'll find yourself shoving me around again!'

So Norma went around to the other side of the chair and gave another gentle push and then watched as Captain Bill glided across the deck, hit a bucket and slowly toppled over.....where rather mysteriously....he was hit by a book!

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