Thursday, 3 March 2011

Romance at a distance

'Hmm, well,' said Captain Bill, 'I suppose I could have been a little more careful in opening it.'

'It's still a nice card though,' replied Norma.

'Well....yes,' said Captain Bill, '......right better get on.'

'You could always send something in return,' suggested Norma.

'Hmm,' said Captain Bill.

'It's not too late...I'd help you.'

'...........I'll think about it,' said Captain Bill.

'Best not to think for too long,' added Norma.

'I've got some spare copies of a pamphlet on rope maintenance.'

'Perhaps you could include a couple of free samples of used string,' said Norma. 'After all you wouldn't want to appear overly formal.'

'Good thinking,' said Captain Bill.

And he herded off towards the rope museum and Norma stood shaking her head for a while.

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