Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Sofa so good

You love him!

You adore him!

You'd invite him around for afternoon tea!*


Morning chumletttes,

You catch me resting. Not surprising really, when you live life at my pace frequent rests are required. I once rested for an entire year just in case something exciting was about to happen.

By the way, should you see Bertha, you last caught sight of me heading up a mountain. In actual fact, as you can see, I've opted for somewhere with a higher snoozability rating. My only problem is the tulips are too far away...so if you could just nip around and shove me along a bit, would be appreciated.

Otherwise, life goes on, I'll try to respond to all the fan mail but I can't tackle more than a couple of hundred a day.

Take care,



* Minimum Afternoon Tea requirements are as follows

4 pots, strong tea.
3 cake stands (to include 2 Victoria Sponge Sandwiches, 1 Pavlova, 25 smaller cakes
3 plates cucumber sandwiches
General selection of trifles.

1 comment:

Armenoi said...

plus an adoring fan to serve it I should imagine ;)