Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Stepping confidently ashore

'Yes,' said Captain Bill, 'well I take no great satisfaction from being proved right.'

'But you weren't,' replied Norma.

'Well we won't argue about it,' said Captain Bill.

'There's nothing to argue about,' replied Norma, 'you said Geraldine had got hopelessly lost and we were clearly at the wrong island.'

'That's not my recollection,' said Captain Bill.

'Anyway,' continued Norma, 'we are at the right island and Queen Phoebe sends hugs.'

'And the harbour business?' asked Captain Bill.

'She's too busy to worry about it.' replied Norma.

'Fine,' said Captain Bill, 'then I think I'll come ashore.'

'That would be good,' replied Norma.

So Captain Bill came ashore and he and Norma herded inland.

'And you did tell her it wasn't me steering,' asked Captain Bill, 'when we hit the wall...you did tell her that?'

'But it was!' mooed Norma, 'you insisted on it!'

'No!' replied Captain Bill. 'No, no, no....I was in my cabin at the time....in a cupboard.'

And Norma sighed.

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