Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Surprising news on Penguins

'No, it was very good,' said Norma, 'I was just a bit busy at the time...and I'm sure Geraldine liked it.'

'You don't think it was too lighthearted?' asked Horace.

'Not at all,' replied Norma, 'I think you should do more things like that.'

'Hmmm,' said Horace, 'we'll see.'

And for a while Norma and Horace walked on in silence until, some minutes later, they arrived at a large notice board.

'This is it!' said Norma. 'There are lots of different categories, Best Dressed Penguin, Prettiest Beak, Penguin Most Likely To Succeed In A Hostage Negotiation Scenario...surprising number of nominations for that one!'

'Any mention of poetry written for a penguin?' asked Horace.

'Not that I can see,' replied Norma. 'Right....well....hmmm, actually I think we aught to be getting back to the others.'

'So soon?' said Horace.

'Well I wasn't planning to,' replied Norma, 'but I've just seen something that I think everyone needs to know about.'

And without waiting for Horace, Norma stampeded off down the hill.

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Armenoi said...

You can't keep us in suspense like that Norma!