Sunday, 27 March 2011

There in black and white

'PENGIMINGS!' mooed Annie.

'And lots of them,' replied Norma.

'They do seem to be everywhere,' added Bertha. 'Actually I'd go so far as to say the island is covered in them.'

'Which rather raises the question of why?' said Norma.

'Indeed,' replied Bertha.

'Hmm,' said Norma, 'I do believe I've just spotted the one lady who may be able to tell us.'

And Norma pointed towards a figure in the distance and then took off her hat and waved it in the air.

'She's seen us,' said Bertha.

'Perhaps it would be advisable for us to move towards her,' suggested Norma.

And so, taking a very bouncy Annie with them, Norma and Bertha made their way through a quite terrific abundance of penguins who all very kindly moved out of the way and then shuffled back into place after they had passed.

'Thank you,' said Norma, 'thank you, thank you....thank you....thank you.'

Finally after some minutes the last few penguins stood aside and a personage stood in front of them.

'Coooeeeeeeee!' said Queen Phoebe.

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Armenoi said...

Phoebes... my favourite!!!