Wednesday, 9 March 2011

When the sea was cold

'Brrrrr,' mooed Norma, 'I'm not going to stay in here very long, I've completely lost contact with my hooves.'

'Is that them over there?' asked Annie and she pointed with her tail at something in the distance.

'I don't think so,' replied Norma, 'but I'm not sure I'd know if they were. The water's far too cold to be aware of very much at all.'

'That would explain why the shrimps are still wearing hats and coats,' said Annie.

'I suppose it would,' replied Norma.

'You would have thought they'd have got a few fires installed by now,' said Annie.

'Might be a bit difficult,' replied Norma, 'what with them being underwater.'

'I think I'd quite like to live underwater,' said Annie, 'then you could have a drink whenever you wanted to.'

'It would be an advantage,' replied Norma.

'Perhaps I should talk to Geraldine about it?' said Annie.

'Perhaps you should,' agreed Norma, 'and talking of Geraldine, here she comes now...but what is it that she's got with her?'

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