Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Where do we go from here?

'So do you have any better idea where we're going to?' asked Norma.

Annie nodded her head.

And then shook it.

And then waved it around in a big circle.

'So that's a 'not sure' then?' said Norma.

'Pengiming isn't an easy language to understand,' mooed Annie.

'I guess not,' replied Norma.

'Mostly it's about fish,' said Annie.

'Ah!' said Norma.

'I saw a fish yesterday,' added Annie.

'Good,' replied Norma, 'but let's try and stay on topic.'

'Okay dokey,' continued Annie. 'The good thing is I think she does have a definite destination in mind...Geraldine that is, not the fish, I have no idea where the fish was going.'

'Probably none of our business,' suggested Norma.

'Perhaps, 'agreed Annie, 'but I shall remain mildly curious. Now would it be alright if I counted my legs before we get underway? Only I think it might be a wise idea.'

'I think maybe you should,' said Norma.

So Annie counted her legs and Norma helped her...and they were all there, which proved a considerable relief to all concerned.

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Armenoi said...

I am a little apprehensive as there isn't a NotNorth to be seen on Geraldine's weathervane! Smacks of a spot of bother in store if I'm any judge of plot!