Wednesday, 20 April 2011

At the Top Table

'But One wanted the '05!' said Queen Phoebe.

'Well '07 isn't far out,' replied Captain Bill, ''s still got an 0 in it.'

'I'll drink it,' offered Cyril.

'You would!' replied Captain Bill.

'I say!' said Queen Phoebe, 'One would ask the staff to treat the guests with a little more respect. Lord Sir Cyril of Promotionshire is a valuable member of the awards community.'

'Is he?' replied Captain Bill.

'Indeed he is,' continued Queen Phoebe, 'and what is more if he's willing to cut One's hubby in on a slice of the film rights to Hippo Island, One would allow him to guzzle whatever takes his fancy.'

'Film rights!' mooed Captain Bill.

'He's even hinted that there might be a part for myself and his royal regalness,' said Queen Phoebe.

At this point Geraldine waved her wings around and chattered away for a while.

'Yes,' replied Queen Phoebe, 'I agree, but you'd still have to have an establishing shot of his crown.'

Captain Bill paused for a moment to take this in.

'So you speak penguin then?' he asked.

'Being royal isn't all thrones and sending people to dungeons,' replied Queen Phoebe, '...well actually most of it is, but being able to speak the odd language here and there helps a bit as well.'

'So do you want this or not?' asked Captain Bill and he held up the tray with the bottle on it.

''Hmm,' said Queen Phoebe, 'leave it here....and we'll have some more crisps when you're ready.'

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