Monday, 4 April 2011

Being brought to book

'It's quite sympathetically written really,' said Norma.

'I still think it would have been nice if Geraldine had asked first,' replied Bertha.

'I suppose so,' said Norma.

'Well I just don't see it,' mooed Captain Bill, 'you're honestly saying this is based on us?'

'Of course it is!' replied Bertha.

'But I don't see how it can be,' said Captain Bill, 'I mean take this Captain Bert, the man's a complete buffoon!'

'Errrr?' said Norma.

'Look here,' continued Captain Bill, 'on page 47, he manages to sink his ship before he even gets aboard it!'

'Oh, don't give the plot away,' mooed Bertha, 'I haven't got that far yet!'

'Actually I'd forgotten that had happened,' added Norma.

'And he doesn't know his Port from his Starboliarboliboard,' added Captain Bill.

'Well I have to say I'm rather enjoying it,' said Norma. 'It's nice to think our lives might be entertaining somebody.'

'Hmm, you're just a soft touch,' replied Captain Bill, 'and I doubt it'll sell well. I wouldn't be at all surprised if this ruined the publisher....whoever they might be.'

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Armenoi said...

I wonder how Horace will take to a published writer aboard Cow Island. Other than himself of course!

So, when do we all get to read Hippo Island?