Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Best foot forward

'Afternoon,' mooed Bertha.

'Er!' said Cyril.

'I'm tempted to say caught red handed,' said Bertha, 'but perhaps orange footed would be more appropriate?'

'It's not what it seems,' said Cyril.

'Yes it is!' replied Bertha, 'it's exactly what it seems....that's why Norma asked me to keep an eye on you.'

'But they're all up to it,' said Cyril.

'Really?' said Bertha.

'Foot painting, beak varnishing....I saw one yesterday that had four wings!'

'Why do I doubt that?' said Bertha.

'No idea,' replied Cyril.

'I think,' continued Bertha, 'it might be connected with your basic inability to tell the truth about anything.'

'Harsh!' said Cyril.

'Well,' said Bertha, 'just so we understand each other, Geraldine's feet are already easily orange enough to win, and she's good enough to win the other prizes, including Penguin of the Year and if you don't stop this immediately...I'll jump on you...from a height.'

Cyril looked from Bertha to Geraldine to the paint and back to Bertha.

'Best get ready for the ceremony then,' he said.

'A very good idea indeed,' replied Bertha.

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Armenoi said...

Cyril bested? Surely not!