Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Dressed to impress

'Feel silly,' said Captain Bill.

'But you look fine,' replied Norma.

'Do we....' asked Captain Bill.

'Yes,' replied Norma.

'But couldn't I...'

'No,' replied Norma.

'I'm fine with the hat,' said Captain Bill.

'It'll only be for a few hours,' replied Norma, 'and if it's any comfort you look extra captainy.'

'Really?' asked Captain Bill.

'Really,' said Norma, 'and everyone else will be dressed up as well, so it'll all be fine.'

'Hmm,' said Captain Bill.

'Trust me,' said Norma.

'And I do seem to be the centre of attention,' said Captain Bill and he indicated a growing number of penguins who were gathering around him.

'That's very true,' replied Norma and she watched as one of the penguins tapped Captain Bill and squawked at him.

'Odd!' said Captain Bill. 'Perhaps he wants an autograph?'

'Possibly,' replied Norma, as the penguin tapped Captain Bill for a second time.

'But although I hate to say it, I think there might be a more mundane explanation.

'What's that?' asked Captain Bill.

'Well,' replied Norma, 'and don't take this the wrong way...but I think they might be mistaking you for a waiter.'

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