Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A Gentleman of the Arts

'He'll work it out eventually,' said Norma.

'I doubt it!' replied Cyril.

'But I spotted it in seconds,' said Norma.

'That doesn't mean he will,' replied Cyril.

'And Bertha was a bit peeved at first,' added Norma, 'so she'll have something to say.'

'Her type always does,' replied Cyril.

'Well I just think you might have been a little more subtle,' continued Norma. 'Surely you could have come up with a better name than Cuddly Bovine Publishing?'

'I don't see why I should have to hide away,' replied Cyril, 'I'm proud of my involvement in the arts.'

'And just what sort of contract did you get Geraldine to sign?'

'She'll be well catered for,' replied Cyril, 'actually in a quite literal sense, seeing as she wanted to be paid in fish.'

'Well I'll be keeping a close eye on your dealings with young Geraldine,' warned Norma, '...although now I come to think of it I've not seen her since we got here.'

'You should have a word with her manager,' replied Cyril, 'he'll know where she is.'

'And who's....'

But Norma realised that she didn't need to finish the sentence.

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Armenoi said...

Oh my goodness, this is just so funny.

By the way, has Annie spotted the baby pengimings?