Monday, 18 April 2011

How to behave in public

'Oooooooooooh! Well done!' mooed Norma.

'That's Most Orange Feet and Best Penguin in a Non Penguin Environment,' said Bertha.

'Go Geraldine!' shouted Norma.

'Errrrr?' said Horace.

'What?' said Norma.

'People looking,' said Horace.

Norma turned and waved at a few penguins....who waved back.

'What's next?' asked Norma.

'Most Black and White Penguin,' replied Bertha.

'Go Geraldine!' shouted Norma.

'She not actually nominated for this one,' pointed out Bertha.

'Well she should be,' replied Norma.

'Pengimings!' mooed Annie.

'Oh! There's Cyril,' said Bertha.

'Where?' said Norma.

'Over there with Geraldine,' said Bertha.

'You have to say he looks good all dressed up,' said Norma. 'Go Cyril!'

'I agree,' replied Bertha. 'Go Cyril!'

'Pengimings!' mooed Annie.

'This bottle's empty,' said Norma.

'Waiter!' called out Bertha.

'Don't push it,' replied Captain Bill.

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