Monday, 11 April 2011

In the hat wardrobe

'Look feel free to come in if you want to,' said Norma.

'Rather not,' replied Captain Bill.

'It's only a hat room,' said Norma.

'Still,' replied Captain Bill, 'it is a ladies hat room.'

'Well I may still need to ask you to hold the ladder,' said Norma, 'I think the one Bertha wants is on the top shelf.'

'Would have been nice if she'd made more of an effort herself,' said Captain Bill.

'She's already doing a favour for me,' replied Norma. 'So you can do one in turn for her.'

'But do we really need to be doing this at all?' asked Captain Bill.

'Oh, we must!' replied Norma. 'After all how often do we get asked to an awards ceremony? We've got to get dressed up....and it is for Geraldine as well.'

'I'll probably just go as I am,' said Captain Bill.

'No you won't!' mooed Norma. 'You of all people need to make an effort.'

'Hmm,' said Captain Bill, ' the way...did you....did you invite them on board?'

And he nodded towards the penguins.

'Err, not really,' replied Norma, 'they just seemed to tag along.'

So Captain Bill helped Norma find the hats she needed and the penguins had fun looking around the Pickled Heifer.

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Armenoi said...

I wondered where all those lovely hats that the ladies bought at Schneegal and Fitch went. WOW, I am impressed.