Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Joining the Party?

'You'll have to speak up a bit,' said Cyril.

'I said I'm concerned,' mooed Horace.

'She'll turn up,' said Cyril.

'But it's not like her to miss a party,' replied Horace.

'True,' said Cyril, 'but Bertha's with her.'

'Hmm,' replied Horace, 'I just thought, if you could spare Annie?'

'Sorry old chum,' said Cyril, 'there are quite a few people who've come along just because they know that Annie's running the music. I just can't spare her.'

'Right,' replied Horace.

'I'll tell you what,' said Cyril, 'I'll have a word with her Queenship, she'll have a few flunkies hanging around doing nothing.'

'If you could,' replied Horace, 'just for a quick look around.'

'The thing is,' said Cyril, 'knowing Norma and Bertha, they'll just home in on the sound of the music anyway. If we open a couple of bottles of bubbles and waft them around they'll put in an appearance in no time.'

'Possibly,' said Horace.

'Right,' said Cyril, 'well that's that sorted. Now....if you're not doing anything else...any chance of serving a few drinks?'

1 comment:

Armenoi said...

Groovy shades, Annie.
There are some mega hangovers coming up if I am any judge of parties.