Sunday, 24 April 2011

Penguin of the Year

'It's rather a small trophy,' mooed Annie.

'Mmm,' agreed Cyril.

'I like the iceberg though.'

'That was my idea,' replied Cyril.

'I suspect that from now on all trophies will have to have icebergs in them,' said Annie.

'I suspect they will,' said Cyril.

And at this point Geraldine waved at the gathering crowd and dived off of the iceberg and swam around in her trophy.

'Star material,' observed Cyril, 'she knows exactly what her fans want.'

'I don't suppose they'd be wanting me to dive in with her?' asked Annie.

'Maybe later,' said Cyril.

'Well if you're not going to,' interrupted Norman and he lowered Annie gently to the ground.

'Thanks,' said Annie.

'My pleasure,' replied Norman.

'Now,' said Cyril, 'I think there's only one way to properly celebrate Geraldine's triumph....more champagne anyone?'

And everyone said they would have a glass...except for Norman who said he'd have a trunk full...because sometimes there really isn't anything more to an elephant than just a trunk.

1 comment:

Armenoi said...

Oh Norman, don't feel sad about the trunk thing. Look at the upside, with everyone focused on your probocis, you could get away with anything you like behind it and no-one would be any the wiser - except Annie of course.