Friday, 1 April 2011

Penguin Publishing

'Errrm?' said Norma.

'Wellllllll?' said Bertha.

'Extraordinary!!!' said Captain Bill.

Norma herded a little closer so she could read the back cover.

'The hilarious misadventures of six comic hippos,' she quoted, 'you'll laugh until you feel like eating a few sardines.'

'Hmm,' said Bertha.

'And.....and Geraldine's actually written this?' queried Captain Bill.

'It would appear so,' replied Norma.

'Incredible!!' said Captain Bill.

'500 pages of hilarious mishaps and silliness complete with illustrations,' continued Norma, as she read more of the publicity.

'I rather think I'd like to have a word with young Geraldine,' mooed Bertha.

'You're not the only one,' added Norma.

'I just find it difficult to believe,' said Captain Bill, 'I mean...she doesn't know any hippos!'

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Armenoi said...

Blimey Bill! One can only consider why it took her so long?