Sunday, 10 April 2011

Penguins in print

'Anyway, I thought you had someone helping you?' said Norma.

'I had to let them go,' replied Horace, 'I couldn't afford the sardines, but please don't change the subject.'

'I'm not trying to change it,' replied Norma, 'and as I've said I had no more of an idea what was happening than anyone else did...other than Cyril....or Annie....or Geraldine.'

'So a penguin can get published but not me!' mooed Horace.

'I think that's a bit unfair,' replied Norma, 'I suppose Cyril just thought he could sell it. Geraldine's penguiness didn't have anything to do with it.'

'Well they should at least have talked to me about it,' said Horace, 'I could have written the forward to it...or a couple of poems for it....or something.'

That would have been nice,' replied Norma, 'but there's nothing we can do about it now...but perhaps you could ask them if you could contribute something to the sequel.'

'SEQUEL!' exclaimed Horace.

But Norma hurried on, she really did have a much more important matter to attend to.

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