Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Things that go drunk in the night

'And so,' continued Norma, 'myself and my very good friend, Ms Bertha.'

'Hello!' said Bertha.

'We were wondering if you might be so kind as to direct us towards the Ms Geraldine, Penguin of the Year After Show Party.'

'If you don't mind me saying so,' said Bertha, 'that wasn't the most helpful of answers.'

'I didn't think it was an answer at all!' mooed Norma.

'You don't think,' said Bertha, 'you don't think it was because you were asking a tree?'

Norma shook her head and her hat fell off.

'Annie's always talking to trees,' she replied, 'and they always talk back to her.'

'We do...we do only have her word on that,' pointed out Bertha.

'Very true, 'said Norma.

'Perhaps,' suggested Bertha, '...perhaps we need to ask her to ask the tree?'

Norma thought about this.

'Annie!' she called out.

'Annie!' called Bertha.

'ANNIE!' screamed Norma.

'She's not here,' said Bertha.

'Most amiss of her,' replied Norma.

'I wonder where she is?' said Bertha.

'Maybe we should ask the tree?' suggested Norma.

'Good idea,' mooed Bertha.

And so it went on.

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Armenoi said...

Sigh. If truth be told, I am just a tad jealous of the dear ladies.