Wednesday, 6 April 2011

This way to the book signing

'The thing about your top stars,' explained Cyril, 'you need to limit their public appearances...helps to create a bit of mystic about them.'

'Hmm,' said Norma, 'just so long as it's in her best interest.'

'Would I consider anything else?' asked Cyril.

Norma looked at Cyril.

'You know,' she said, 'a thought just occurred to me.'

'And?' asked Cyril.

'Geraldine did actually write this didn't she?'

'On that matter you may rest easy,' replied Cyril. 'She and Annie came to me with the first four chapters already written.'

'Annie as well!' mooed Norma.

'Well someone had to do the translation,' replied Cyril.

'But she never said anything to me,' said Norma.

'Annie can keep a secret if she needs to,' replied Cyril, 'she's far cleverer than anyone gives her credit for.'

'Well I know that,' agreed Norma, '...but still....'

'She's fine,' replied Cyril, 'and I keep an eye on her. Now if you don't mind I see we're approaching 1.30.'

'What's happening at 1.30?' asked Norma.

But Cyril just pointed towards Geraldine, who had just put down her pen. Then she got up onto the desk and did a very pretty dance before settling herself back down again.

'What was all that about?' asked Norma.

'If you want to win Most Orange Feet,' replied Cyril, 'it doesn't hurt to show them off while you've got the chance.'

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