Monday, 25 April 2011

Time to relax

'Honestly,' said Captain Bill, 'it's been a real eye opener.'

'I couldn't agree more,' replied Horace, 'and I'm pretty sure I can get several poems out of it.'

'Any limericks?' asked Captain Bill.

'Er?' said Horace.

'Well not to worry,' said Captain Bill, 'just try and get a few laughs into the poetry.'

'You know I'm sometimes not at all sure that you understand poetry,' replied Horace.

'Hmm,' said Captain Bill, 'not sure anyone does really, but what I do understand is just how hard it is waiting on tables.'

'I think my hooves fell off about 2 hours ago,' replied Horace.

'They'll be in a pile somewhere with mine,' said Captain Bill, 'still it's all over now.'

'Err?' said Horace.

'Which means we should be able to look forward to a little peace and quiet.'

'Except,' said Horace.

'And there'll be no chance of Norma and Bertha consuming any more of the falling down water,' continued Captain Bill.

'I think you may have overlooked...' said Horace.

'What?' asked Captain Bill.

'The after show party,' replied Horace

And Captain Bill toppled over sideways.