Sunday, 3 April 2011

Varieties of Penguin

'And that one is a pengiming and that one is a pengiming and that one is a pengiming and you see that one over there?'

'Yes,' said Cyril.

'It's a pengiming!' mooed Annie and she smiled a very large smile.

'You seem to know a lot about them,' said Cyril.

Annie nodded.

'I like pengimings,' she said.

'And what about that one?' asked Cyril and he pointed at a penguin that was wearing a crown.

'That's a king pengiming,' replied Annie, 'and you see that one?'

And here Annie pointed out a particularly fat penguin.

'Yes,' said Cyril.

'That's a Cyril pengiming,' said Annie and she giggled until she fell over.

'I could take offence at that!' said Cyril.

'Would you take it with cream or custard?' asked Annie.

Cyril thought for a while.

'Both,' he said at last.

'I thought you might,' replied Annie. 'Now if you don't mind I would like to go and look at some pengimings.'

So that is just what Annie and Cyril did.

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