Saturday, 9 April 2011

Your vote matters

Good morning / evening / just around nommage time (delete as required).

Are you a Pengiming?

If you're not sure go and have a quick look in a mirror. If you find you're staring at someone who is small, dressed entirely in black and white and have a half eaten sardine hanging out the side of your beak then there's a very high chance* that you are.

If so then I'd like to crave a few moments of your time. As you are no doubt aware the first annual Pengiming of the Year Awards are now taking place.....and your vote counts!

Now all pengimings are special and need to be hugged on a regular basis but I'd like to put in a word for one in particular....Geraldine....she's my chum. She's always helpful and often just wanders around with a plate full of cake just in case I feel like I need a slice...and I often do! Also she is veryyyyyyyyyyy cute and has the most orange feet (official). So I'm asking you to vote for her...NOW!

Thank you


* 97.3% on the Am I a Pengiming Scale

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