Friday, 22 April 2011

When Security arrive

'Although of course there is much more to an elephant than just a trunk,' said Norman.

Annie nodded in agreement.

'But people just don't seem to see past it,' continued Norman.

Annie nodded again and gave Norman a hug.

'So whatcha been doing?' she asked.

'Er well,' replied Norman, 'you know, keeping busy, mostly washing windows, lifting heavy's been primarily trunk based employment.'

Annie gave Norman another hug.

'Bow tie looks good,' she said.

'Thanks,' replied Norman, 'tricky business the old security game. You want to try to blend in a bit with the clientele.'

'From a distance I'd have thought you were just another pengiming,' said Annie.

'That's good,' replied Norman, 'it sort of makes all the extra effort seem worthwhile.'

'So would there be any chance?' asked Annie.

'Of course,' replied Norman and he lifted Annie onto his back.

'Where to?' he enquired.

'Hmm,' replied Annie, 'I think I'd like to go and see Geraldine, only they're about to announce the Penguin of the Year.'

'Fine,' replied Norman, 'although I can't help feeling I was asked to come over this way for a reason.'

'Not to worry,' replied Annie, 'you'll remember.'

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