Saturday, 30 April 2011

A word from the semi wise

Evening all,

Right, hope you can hear me above the noise. I have asked Annie to turn it down, it's well past 10pm.
I don't know about you but while I don't mind a party I can't help thinking that everyone tends to go rather over the top.

So anyway, I just thought we could have a quick moment together after all the recent excitement. Of course it all turned out pretty much as I was expecting...apart from the whole Penguin of the Year business but I don't see how anyone could have predicted that! I suppose the others will have a new found respect for young Geraldine but I must say, on my own behalf, that it was already there. A major part of top captaincy is spotting both the strengths and weaknesses in your squad and always felt that Geraldine was being rather overlooked..what with her being so small. But things will be different from now on, I may even promote her above Bertha, who let's face it could do with coming down a peg or two.

Right I'm off to have another word with Annie.

Toodle pip pip

Captain Bill

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Armenoi said...

Be careful there Billy Boy otherwise your SWOT analysis could result in an unpleasant tangle with Cyril!