Thursday, 26 May 2011

Are there limits for elephants?

'So then she said it was all my fault and sacked me!' said Norman.

Annie gave Norman a hug.

'Is that because you feel sorry for me or because you like hugging me?' asked Norman.

'A bit of both,' replied Annie and she gave Norman another hug.

'I said to her,' said Norman, 'I said, I couldn't be expected to be everywhere at once....but still, the fact is, at the end of the day, I'm no longer head of security.'

Annie administered a third and fourth hug.

'So what now?' she asked.

'Just this part time gardening,' replied Norman, 'but it's not the same, the thrill has gone, let's face it there simply aren't as many life or death moments in the world of herbaceous borders.'

Annie dug deep and found an unused pack of huglettes.

'So I was thinking,' continued Norman, 'maybe I should just quit and go undercover in a relentless pursuit of the criminal mastermind who perpetrated this heinous act of royal type crown nabbing.'

'It would seem the only sensible answer,' replied Annie.

'I think you're probably right,' said Norman and he put down the watering can.

'So do you want those flowers then?' asked Annie.

'Help yourself!' replied Norman.

So Annie ate the flowers and Norman slipped off into the shadows.

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