Thursday, 12 May 2011

A bird and a hat

'But why is he......'

'He's stuck,' said Bertha.

'No I'm not!' mooed Captain Bill.

Bertha mouthed 'He is' at Norma.

'I saw that!' said Captain Bill.

Norma and Bertha ignored him.

'So did you find anything?' asked Norma.

'Not really,' replied Bertha.

'Fine,' said Norma, 'well at least you had a good look.'

'My hat got knocked off!' called out Captain Bill.

'Not by me!' replied Bertha.

'Perhaps I should have gone with him?' suggested Norma.

Bertha shrugged her horns.

'So what's next?' she asked.

'That's why I came to find you,' replied Norma, 'Cyril wants us, he's found something.

'About time!' said Bertha and she herded off at speed.

'So are you stuck?' asked Norma.

'Little bit,' said Captain Bill.

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