Monday, 2 May 2011

Collecting Penguins

'But don't you find it just a little depressing?' said Captain Bill.

Cyril looked blankly back at him.

'Just the whole excess of it,' continued Captain Bill.

'They're just sleeping it off,' replied Cyril.

'But really!' said Captain Bill.

'They were only having fun,' replied Cyril, 'nobody got hurt.'

Captain Bill sighed.

'I think it's embarrassing,' he said, 'and it's quite clear to me that you shouldn't try to mix penguins and alcohol.'

'Well you'd have trouble finding a cocktail shaker that was big enough,' replied Cyril.

'You have to make a joke about everything don't you!' mooed Captain Bill.

'Sorry,' replied Cyril, 'you're right, it's wrong to let them get this way. I'll promise never to let this happen again.'

'Really?' said Captain Bill.

'Really,' said Cyril, 'and from now on I'll try to take things more seriously.'

'Well,' said Captain Bill, '.....fine.'

And with that Captain Bill headed on his way and Cyril went back to pulling his cart.

'Bring out your penguins!' he cried as he trundled along.

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Armenoi said...

Oh Cyril - you are the best!