Thursday, 5 May 2011

In the bushes

'Psst!' said Norma. 'We're back!'

'Well about blooming time!' said a voice in the bushes.

Norma beckoned Captain Bill closer.

'Look!' she said and pulled a branch to one side.

Captain Bill looked in.

'It's Queen Phoebe,' said Norma.

'Yes,' replied Captain Bill, 'I thought it was.'

'Well?' said Norma.

'Well what?' replied Captain Bill.

'Well don't you notice anything strange about her?'

'Yes,' replied Captain Bill, 'she's sitting in the middle of a bush.'

'Beyond that!' said Norma.

'Some sort of tree?' replied Captain Bill.

'I meant beyond that fact that she's sitting in a bush!' mooed Norma.

'Er?' replied Captain Bill.

Norma pulled the branch even further.

'Er?' said Captain Bill again.

'Oh honestly!' exclaimed Norma. 'Look!..........No crown!'

'Crikey!' said Captain Bill.

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