Tuesday, 10 May 2011

In the long grass

'No!' mooed Annie, 'No!....No!........Not that one.......No!'

'Hello!' said Norma.

'With you in a second,' replied Annie, '.......No!.....No!.....No!'

'Actually,' said Norma, 'I don't think you need to check under every blade of grass, crowns tend to be a bit bigger than that.'

'Are you sure?' asked Annie.

'Pretty certain,' replied Norma.

'Hmm,' mused Annie, 'what if I just looked under the taller ones?'

'Sounds like a sure fire winner to me,' replied Norma.

'I feel I've always scored rather highly on compromisabubbleability,' said Annie.

'I recon you have,' said Norma.

'And it'll save Geraldine's little wings getting too tired from holding the magnifying glass,' added Annie.

'Well considering her new found celebrity status we aught to take care of her,' replied Norma.

Annie considered this.

'I could wrap her in newspaper and put a fragile sticker on her beak,' she suggested.

'Perhaps later on,' replied Norma, 'right now I think we need her help.'

And so the search went on.

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