Sunday, 8 May 2011

A meeting with thinks

'So,' said Bertha, 'the last Queen Phoebe remembers is doing a polka with Cyril and then waking up later on and finding that her crown had gone missing.'

'I knew it!' mooed Captain Bill.

'It's not Cyril!' said Norma.

'Wellll,' said Captain Bill, 'I shall reserve judgement...where is he anyway?'

'He's making sure that nobody notices Queen Phoebe is absent,' replied Bertha.

'We need to buy time to be able to work out what happened,' added Norma.

'She'll have dropped it somewhere,' said Captain Bill, 'we'll just have a look around in the bushes, it'll turn up.'

'I'm not so sure,' replied Norma, 'what we have to do is some thinking...and talking of such, anything yet?'

'Well,' said Annie, 'so far I can report one minor think.'

'Which is?' asked Bertha.

'That I like waggling my legs in the air,' replied Annie.

'Genius!' said Captain Bill, 'case closed, problem solved!'

'Don't start!' mooed Norma, 'Annie's thinks have proved invaluable in the past.'

'Hmm,' replied Captain Bill, 'well at this rate we'll still be here at Christmas, which won't please her majesty at all.'

'True,' said Bertha, 'and she is feeling very down about the whole situation.'

'Ah!' said Norma, 'the one bit of good news is that I've made moves to correct that.'

'How?' asked Captain Bill.

'I've sent someone to keep her company,' replied Norma.

'Who?' asked Captain Bill.

'Horace,' said Norma.

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