Sunday, 1 May 2011

The morning after the party before

'Make way!' mooed Annie. 'Coming through....make way please!'

'Just how do you manage it?' whispered Norma.

Annie stood still and had a think.

'Well, I just pick up the litter and place into Mr Sack,' she replied.

'That's not what I meant,' said Norma. ' I suspect you know.'

Annie giggled.

'I suppose I just have a higher bounce factor,' she said, 'and wonky horns.'

'So you can party all night and still race around at a squillion miles an hour the next day because of wonky horns?'

'It's a theory,' replied Annie, 'I challenge the world to prove me wrong.'

'The world is onto a loser,' said Horace.

'Quite possibly,' added Norma.

'So,' asked Annie, 'do you have anything you wish to dispose of?'

'Just the inside of my head,' replied Norma.

Annie held the sack open.

'Tempting,' said Norma, 'so very, very tempting.'

'Well I can't wait forever,' said Annie.

'Best be on your way then,' replied Norma.

So Annie stampeded on.

'I'll let you have the glasses back in a day or two,' called out Norma after her.

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Armenoi said...

Ah Norma, the fruit of the vine.
My condolences.