Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Putting on a hat

'OK!' said Horace, 'that's the pillow off, now to put your hat on.'

'Please be careful,' pleaded Norma.

'Of course I will,' replied Horace, '...if you can just tilt your head slightly?'

'I'd rather not,' said Norma.

'Well I can't lean over any further,' replied Horace.

Norma moved her head...very, very slightly.

'I think it's really going to need to be more than that,' said Horace.

And he tried to catch the hat onto one of Norma's horns.

'Ow!' said Norma.

'Sorry,' said Horace.

'Well just be careful!' mooed Norma.

'Look!' said Horace, 'It's not my fault! You could try to stop this from happening in the first place.'

'That's not fair,' replied Norma, 'I'm pretty sure I only had one drink at the awards and then one more later at the party.'

'Rubbish!' said Horace. 'You know what you were!'

'Psst!' said a voice from the bushes.

'Never!' exclaimed Norma.

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