Saturday, 7 May 2011

A Queen without

'Oh!' sobbed Queen Phoebe. 'Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!'

'So you're upset then?' said Captain Bill.

Norma hit Captain Bill.

'Of course she's upset!'

'Well haven't you got another one?' asked Captain Bill. 'Can't imagine that you're short of them. Last time I took a look around the castle it was like 'crowns 'r' us'! '

'But it was One's best!' said Queen Phoebe.

'And it was given to her by King Otto,' added Norma.

'Ah!' said Captain Bill.

'Imagine it,' said Norma, 'your bestest crown, given to you as a gift by your beloved, your one and only, a token of his love and undying affection. Is it any wonder her majesty's upset? How an earth would you break the news? Just think of how he'll react!'

'More to the point,' said Queen Phoebe, 'just imagine how the press will react! I'll get a right duffing up and no mistake!'

'Right!' said Captain Bill.

'I can see it now,' continued Queen Phoebe, ' 'Queen loses crown...again!'.'

'Again!' mooed Norma.

'It was a long time ago,' replied Queen Phoebe, 'I was very young, I'd rather not talk about it.'

'You may not,' said Captain Bill, 'but you can bet your life the papers will!'

'Oh!' groaned Queen Phoebe, 'Oh! Oh! Oh!'

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