Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Responding to a crisis

'Hello,' said Norma.

'Ah!' said Captain Bill. 'You've surfaced!'

'I would thank you if you could spare any remarks,' replied Norma.

'I'll try,' said Captain Bill.

'Most kind,' replied Norma. 'Now....'

And here Norma slowly glanced around her before moving closer to Captain Bill.

'A crisis has arisen,' she whispered.

'Nothing new there then,' replied Captain Bill. 'Our specialist subject. So what is it? Cyril sold all the penguins into slavery? Annie confronted reality at last? Horace feeling a bit down? Not really a crisis that last one but still.'

'You're not helping,' said Norma.

'Not sure I was trying to,' replied Captain Bill. 'So what is it really?

'Can't say,' whispered Norma, '...for reasons that will become apparent...but if you wouldn't mind just walking this way?'

'If I could walk that way...' began Captain Bill, but Norma held up a hoof and he stopped.

'This,' she said, 'is no laughing matter. There is no time to lose. Not a moment must be wasted...but don't walk too fast, I'm still a little fragile.'

And so together, Norma and Captain Bill herded off.

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