Monday, 23 May 2011

Squirrels in modern piracy

'Sorry about the squirrels,' bleated Lefty.

'Not your fault,' replied Flossie, 'my call, buck stops here.'

'It'd gone fine in training,' continued Lefty.

'Very true, very true,' replied Flossie, 'and if you don't try these things.'

'Good of you to see it that way,' said Lefty, 'but still....cancelled the rest of the programme.'

'Fair enough,' replied Flossie.

'And I've let the rabbits go,' said Lefty, ' anticipation.'

'Could see you weren't happy about them,' replied Flossie.

'So that about wraps it up for the small vertebrate pirate training,' concluded Lefty, 'not one of our better ideas.'

'Best to move on,' replied Flossie, 'and at the end of the day...still got the crown!'

'Dave played a blinder,' said Lefty.

'Costume was made for him,' replied Flossie, 'and he still managed to look slightly threatening.'

'And a clean getaway as well,' added Lefty, 'as far as I can see they won't have a clue who did it!'

'Top piracy in action,' replied Flossie, 'I think we aught to celebrate.'

And the grass nibbling went on late into the night.

1 comment:

Armenoi said...

How did he get away with the hook? Anyway, a fantastic trophy but a little conspicuous in a glass case and sitting on a pedestal don't you think?