Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Wool...up close!

'No doubt about it,' said Norma, 'it's sheep's wool.'

'So Annie was wrong!' mooed Bertha.

'Indeed,' replied Norma, 'although I must say I'm not sure that giant carnivorous woolly stoats actually exist.'

'I was seeing it as a long shot,' said Bertha.

'I'll break the news to her as gently as I can,' replied Norma.

'And we'll have to tell the others as well,' added Bertha, '...including mon brave Capitaine.'

'I'll break the news to him as gently as I can,' said Norma.

'That's a role I'd be happy to take on,' replied Bertha.

'And just how gently would you do it?' asked Norma.

Bertha smiled.

'That's what I thought,' said Norma.

'I think I just like watching him fall over,' replied Bertha.

But Norma insisted that she would tell Captain Bill...but she did let Bertha watch from a distance.

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