Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A complete knit

'But you've helped me enough times in the past,' said Norma.

'That was just holding the wool though!' replied Horace.

'But you must have picked up the gist of it?' said Norma, 'it's not really very difficult.'

'Not for you it isn't!' replied Horace, 'you've been doing it for years now.'

'You'll be fine,' reassured Norma, 'I know you will be...and it's nothing too complex.'

'I just don't think it's for me,' said Horace.

Norma put down her clipboard and turned towards Horace.

'Look!' she said. 'I'm sorry but I really can't spare the time for this. Everyone's playing their part and I need you to play yours.'

'So what's Captain Bill doing?' asked Horace.

'He's got his work assigned,' replied Norma. 'You let me worry about what everyone else is doing.'

'But...' began Horace.

'Oh really!' snapped Norma. 'Annie's about to risk her life and all you're being asked to do is a little bit of knitting!'

'Sorry,' said Horace.

'Sorry I snapped,' replied Norma. 'Now if you could help Geraldine to take the double knit to area 7 and then get started.'

'I'll need a pattern,' said Horace.

'Your supervisor will have it,' replied Norma.

'Supervisor?' queried Horace.

''s Bertha,' muttered Norma.


Gina said...

Area 7? Is that like Area 51 ? :D XXX

Heather Leavers said...

can I help?