Friday, 20 July 2012

At the top level meeting

'....and that's when I told her it was a meeting of the highest level,' concluded Norma.

'And we can't be sued over that?' queried Captain Bill. 'I mean legally there's no actual definition of 'highest level'?'

'But it is!' replied Norma.

'There's the 3 of us and a penguin!' said Captain Bill.

'It's the quality that counts,' mooed Norma.

'There's the 3 of us and a penguin!' repeated Captain Bill.

'Are you saying I'm not high quality?' asked Bertha.

'Shall we move on?' suggested Norma. 'We still have to deal with the basic problem. How do we track down Flossie and his hoard of despicable pirate henchsheep?'

Captain Bill looked nervous.

'Define hoard?' he asked.

'I don't know,' replied Norma. '50 perhaps?'

'50!!!' exclaimed Captain Bill.

'Roughly speaking,' replied Norma.

'And I bet rough would be the right word for them!' said Captain Bill.

'We could deal with them,' added Bertha.

'But we can only do that if we can find them,' pointed out Norma.

'Fat chance!' replied Captain Bill. 'They could be anywhere! I can think of at least 27 high seas they could be on.'

'Hmm,' said Bertha, 'sadly for once I'm forced to agree, apart from the 27 aspect. We could look for years and never find them.'

'What we need,' pondered Norma, 'is an idea.'

'Ha!' exclaimed Captain Bill. 'That's going to be easier said than done. To come up with an idea as brilliant as that you'd have to be either a genius or stark staring mad!'

Norma looked at Bertha. Bertha looked at Norma.

'Will you talk to her or shall I?' asked Bertha.

'Leave it with me,' replied Norma and she stampeded off in a very particular direction.

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Gina said...

...and now Annie's light is about to shine???? :D XXX