Monday, 30 July 2012

Do Queens make mistakes

'Tears, a river filled and sorrow a thousand valleys deep in the landscape of despair, the end...the end must come.'

And with that Horace silently closed the book and placed it on the grass.

'Could I just point out?' began Norma.

'I KNOW!' said Queen Phoebe, 'I asked for him! It's my own fault!'

'And he does take it very seriously,' added Norma.

'Accepted!' replied Queen Phoebe. 'But One has to wonder if it would hurt all that much to just slip in the occasional knock knock joke?'

'Perhaps you could commission him?' suggested Norma.

'Another time,' replied Queen Phoebe.

'Would you like another?' asked Horace, 'I could read a serious one if you're in the mood?'

Queen Phoebe closed her eyes and Norma took the opportunity to mouth the words, 'Not now, thank you,' to Horace.

So how's the Great Crown Rescue plan coming along?' asked Queen Phoebe after a while.

'Erm?' replied Norma, 'I think we're moving forward in a positive fashion.'

'Which means?' said Queen Phoebe.

'Well, we're well ahead in the construction of Annie's Think Thunk making machine,' replied Norma.

'And that's supposed to inspire confidence is it?' said Queen Phoebe.

'I'd like to think so,' replied Norma.

And again Queen Phoebe paused for a moment.

'Isn't there a fat one?' she finally asked.

'Pardon?' replied Norma.

'In your little group,' continued Queen Phoebe. 'Isn't there a fat one?'

'Cyril?' suggested Norma.

'That's him!' replied Queen Phoebe. 'I think I'll see him next.'

'Ah!' said Norma. 'I'm afraid he's a little busy right now.'

'Doing what?' asked Queen Phoebe.

'I've simply no idea,' replied Norma, '....but it's completely legal...whatever it is!'


Armenoi said...

I am sure that at sometime in the future, Queen Phoebe will look back on her time on Cow Island and realise that it was her chance to let go of responsibility; to just chill out and to relax.

She might currently feel depressed but like so much else, it is merely an illusion.

Gina said...

So....will Horace be publishing a book of his poems? I'd love to read them :D XXX