Thursday, 26 July 2012

Give a Captain enough rope

'Where as if you look closely you'll see that number 3 is ever so slightly more twisty than number 2 which is in itself ever so, ever so slightly more twisty than number 1 which is why it's use aboard ship is restricted to only those jobs which require a very high degree of twistyness,' concluded Captain Bill, ''ll have to look closely,' he reminded.

Queen Phoebe glanced at the sample in question.

'So,' she asked, 'do you have all of this written down on the back of the board then?'

'Certainly not!' mooed Captain Bill.

' you've actually learnt all this?'

'Indeed!' replied Captain Bill proudly.

'Right,' said Queen Phoebe.

'You can borrow them if you want to?' said Captain Bill.

'Not sure I could cope?' replied Queen Phoebe.

'Well have them for a couple of days and then I could always bring you some more,' suggested Captain Bill.

'You've got more then?' asked Queen Phoebe.

'Plenty!' replied Captain Bill.

'Will you be seeing Norma at all?' asked Queen Phoebe.

'Certainly,' replied Captain Bill.

'Could you give her a message from me?'

'Fire away!' replied Captain Bill.

'Tell her I'm at home to the poet...she'll understand.'


Armenoi said...

Whilst I would say that Queen Phoebe has probably more acquaintance with hawser-laid Z-twist than Captain bill, as she accompanies her hubby on his boat and is a most knowledgeable lady, I would say that she is not interested - just a guess.
However, she does look the most relaxed that I have ever seen try to hold off on the poet for a bit!

Gina said...

s'pose if they are hemp rope, she could always try smoking never know :D XXX